If you go through my portfolio you will see that I generally don’t do events. Too much of a responsibility, too many variables, too many people that want their picture taken and as a result, too little space left for creativity. I always tell people as a joke (but with a lot of truth in it) that I don’t like shooting things that are alive because of all that. That being said, I knew from the beginning that this wasn’t the case with ROXYZ and this is why I decided to take part in this awesome project.

The event was crazy awesome, surely the coolest techno party I’ve ever been to in Sibiu. It all started with a small dinner/cocktail situation on the ground floor of the Astra Library that was followed by a really cool folklore act by Hanul cu Braga and last but not lest, a techno afterparty on the top floor of the library featuring Bucharest’s Resa and Sibiu’s own Disconected (Toygun b2b Adub).  The location (and what they did to it) was just stunning, everything from the ground floor to the main room on the top floor got flooded in red ambient light that made everything seem out of this world.

It was a pleasure to be the photographer of this event. I was able to play with different types of techniques and compositions that I generally don’t get to play with that often. I really liked that I wasn’t expected to be the type of photographer you typically find at nightclubs or weddings, I just did whatever I felt was right and I think it worked out pretty well. I’m actually really looking forward to the next event and I can’t wait to try some new things that occurred to me afterwards.

If you went to this event or you missed it make sure to come to our next one on November 17

Click on the pictures to see them in all their full screen glory!

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