Alvaro Tellez (1994, Mexico City) is a Mexican-Romanian visual artist based in Amsterdam.

Moving from Mexico City to Sibiu as a child, he encountered the differences and resemblances between the two countries while becoming fond of the surrounding nature and picturesque beauty of Transilvania.

The exposure to untamed nature within close reach of a city known for its rich culture, history and architecture made Alvaro want to pursue photography as an adolescent. Besides a vast archive of photographs of Sibiu, his most notable works are Janitzio (2014), Paltinis Series I-III (2015-17), Carabosse (2018), ROXYZ (2018-19) and Carpatos (2019). 

After moving to Amsterdam in 2019, his work became more experimental with A Story of a Bird I Never Saw Again (2019), Oude Kerk (2019-21) and Amsterdam Isolated (2020).