mă gândesc la el non stop

mă gândesc la el non stop ( I think about him all the time) 

A (satiric) reflection on recorder.ro “The Clan of The Great White” (2021) documentary about the intrinsic corruption of Romania’s Orthodox church.

Based on a photograph taken at the Vondelkerk in Amsterdam, “mă gândesc la el non stop” challenges what church means, even before digitally alteration. Repurposing churches is a common practice in the Netherlands, and the contrasting attitude towards these places of fate is the core inspiration of this piece. Contrary to repurposing, Romania has built a record number of churches in the past decade using illegally-obtained state funds.

The title “mă gândesc la el non stop” is inspired by a famous storefront in Sibiu, Romania called “mă gândesc la ea” (I think about her) followed by the opening hours: “non stop”, reading as “I think about her all the time”.

Changing the gender from “ea” (her) to “el” (him) not only points towards Patriarch Daniel of Romania, the most powerful person in the Romanian Orthodox Church, known as “The Great White” in the documentary; but also challenges who one can love.